Solutions for a Sustainable Planet

Net-zero carbon transportation is possible now. Our solutions improve urban air quality and address the challenge of climate change. We are a gaseous fuel industry leader, with growing market shares in key geographies. Our fuel systems and components are designed for demanding, on-road transportation applications. Together, we are driving innovation to power a cleaner tomorrow, today.

Lower total cost of ownership, reduced emissions, without sacrifice to performance

Growing revenues

2017: $230M
2018: $270M
2019: $305M
2020: $252M
2021: $312.4M
2022: $305.7M

Global brands. Sales in 70 Countries.

Leading market shares. European LNG truck registrations up 175% in 2019, continued growth in 2020.

Renewable Fuels Capability

A circular economy solution using renewable natural gas/biogas and hydrogen. Substituting fossil-based fuels, consuming the waste and byproducts other industries create.

Committed to ESG performance

Focused on ethics and compliance, environmental leadership, concern for our employees and supply chain responsibility.

Robust Patent Portfolio

+1400 and growing

Strong supporting policy in

Europe, China and India

HPDI 2.0 reduces CO2 by more than 2030 EU requirement, avoids carbon taxes and penalties.

Growing Refueling Infrastructure

Over 10,800 LNG stations in Europe and China, and growing